Divestment of office property in Stockholm

  • Price: SEK 1.7 billion
  • Area: 18,700 m²
  • Buyer: AMF (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to DWS (DE)

Divestment of residential development property with 318 apartments in central Uppsala

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 13,900 m²
  • Buyer: NIAM (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Slättö (SE)

Divestment of a larger residential project in Greater Copenhagen

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 16,670 m²
  • Buyer: Nuveen (US)
  • Sole financial adviser to CASA (DK)

Acquisition of a larger logistics portfolio in Denmark

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 182,700 m²
  • Seller: Pareto Securities (SE)
  • Commercial adviser to Starwood Capital Group (US)

Establishment of joint venture for the development of Sygehusgrunden in Holstebro

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 80,000 m²
  • Sole financial adviser to Færchfonden (DK)

Divestment of WithSecure HQ office project in Helsinki

  • Price: EUR 58 million
  • Area: 6,000 m²
  • Buyer: Union Investment (DE)
  • Sole financial adviser to SRV (FI)

Divestment of an office property in the Helsinki city centre

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 10,100 m²
  • Buyer: NREP (DK)
  • Sole financial adviser to Genesta (SE)

Divestment of office property in southern Stockholm

  • Price: SEK 812 million
  • Area: 22,000 m²
  • Buyer: Fabege (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Revelop (SE)

Divestment of education property in Gothenburg

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 10,000 m²
  • Buyer: Skandia Fastigheter (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Akademiska Hus (SE)

Acquisition of residential portfolio with 1,900 apartments in Finland

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 110,000 m²
  • Seller: Morgan Stanley (US) & Premico (FI)
  • Sole financial adviser to Orange Capital Partners (NL)

Divestment of Studentpalatset in Stockholm

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: ~3,300 m²
  • Buyer: Stockholm School of Economics (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Akademiska Hus (SE)

Divestment of residential portfolio with 433 apartments in Skövde and Trollhättan

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: ~31,600 m²
  • Buyer: Vatne Property (NO) & Gladsheim (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Fearnley Project Finance (NO)