A truly pan-Nordic adviser for property related transactions

Nordanö was founded as Leimdörfer in 1992 and is a leading financial advisory firm for property related transactions in the Nordic region.

Since 1992, Nordanö has executed hundreds of transactions in the Nordics, many of which have been among the markets’ most accretive and eye-catching. In the last three years, the firm has advised on deals of over €7 billion. Nordanö is wholly owned by active partners. The team consists of 45 people with offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Research report

Nordanö’s latest research report: This time is different? A comparison of crises in the Nordics

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Divestment of Beskowhuset in central Stockholm

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: ~1,100 m²
  • Buyer: Bonnier Fastigheter (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Arkvision Group (SE)

Divestment of residential project in Greater Copenhagen

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 6,209 m²
  • Buyer: Catella Real Estate AG on behalf of the fund Sarasin Sustainable Properties – European Cities (DE)
  • Seller: CASA ApS (DK)
  • Sole financial adviser to CASA ApS (DK)

Divestment of portfolio with 16 property units in Sweden

  • Price: SEK ~1.7 billion
  • Area: 115,600 m²
  • Buyer: Oscar Properties (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Castellum (SE)

Divestment of commercial building rights in Stockholm CBD (‘Klara City View’)

  • Price: SEK ~1.2 billion
  • Area: ~15,000 m²
  • Buyer: Humlegården Fastigheter (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Stockholm Stad (SE)

Successful buyout of listed residential developer Magnolia Bostad (publ)

  • Price: SEK 2.9 billion
  • Buyer: Areim & Holmströmgruppen
  • Adviser to Areim (SE)

Divestment of residential development in Veddesta, northern Stockholm

  • Price: SEK 201 million
  • Area: ~55,000 m²
  • Buyer: Peab (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Sagax (SE)

Divestment of two Bilia Mercedes assets located in Kista and Södertälje

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 10,000 m²
  • Buyer: Stenhus Fastigheter (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to the seller

Acquisition of nine high-quality residential properties in the Helsinki region

  • Price: EUR 145 million
  • Area: 25,000 m²
  • Seller: Taaleri (FI)
  • Sole financial adviser to Patrizia (DE)

Divestment of office property Gångaren 10 in central Stockholm

  • Price: SEK 2.3 billion
  • Area: ~30,000 m²
  • Buyer: Folksam (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Invesco (US)