A leading financial advisory firm

Nordanö was founded as Leimdörfer in 1992 and is a leading financial advisory firm for property related transactions in the Nordic region.

Since 2015, Nordanö has advised on deals with an aggregated underlying property value of approx. €14 billion. Nordanö is wholly owned by active partners. The team consists of 40 people with offices in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen.


Euromoney 2018

Nordanö has been named Best Nordic Real Estate M&A Adviser six years in a row


Divestment of two office properties in central Stockholm, Sweden

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: ~22,000 m²
  • Buyer: Balder (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Akademiska Hus (SE)

Acquisition of property portfolio in Denmark

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 14,300 m²
  • Seller: NIAM (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to SBB (SE)

Divestment of ECHA headquarters office property in Helsinki, Finland

  • Price: EUR ~135 million
  • Area: 17,700 m²
  • Sole financial adviser to Skanska (SE)

Divestment of the office property ‘Juvelen’ in Uppsala, Sweden

  • Price: SEK 563 million
  • Area: ~8,650 m²
  • Buyer: Vasakronan (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Skanska (SE)

Divestment of mixed use portfolio in Höganäs and Helsingborg, Sweden

  • Price: SEK 676 million
  • Area: ~55,000 m²
  • Buyer: SBB i Norden (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to Jefast (SE)

Divestment of historic office property along the Esplanade in Helsinki CBD, Finland

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 2,300 m²
  • Buyer: CapMan Nordic Real Estate II (FI)
  • Sole financial adviser to Stiftelsen Sedmigradsky (FI)

Divestment of Sweco HQ in Helsinki, Finland

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 20,000 m²
  • Buyer: GLL Pan European Property Fund (DE)
  • Sole financial adviser to the seller

Divestment of the office property Skravelberget Större 13 in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 1,900 m²
  • Buyer: Sparbössan Fastigheter (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to AI Pension (SE)

Fairness opinion on Nordika’s participation in the private placement by Amasten (publ)

  • Price: SEK 175 million
  • Sole financial adviser to Nordika (SE)