Acquisition of the Ramboll HQ property in Espoo

  • Area: 19,000 m²
  • Seller: Keva (FI)
  • Sole financial adviser to Altaal (SE)


Acquisition of nine high-quality residential properties in the Helsinki region

  • Price: EUR 145 million
  • Area: 25,000 m²
  • Seller: Taaleri (FI)
  • Sole financial advisor to Patrizia (DE)

Acquisition of a property to be converted into a family centre in Espoo

  • Price: EUR 22 million (total investment)
  • Seller: The Church Pension Fund (FI)
  • Sole financial adviser to Hemsö (SE)

Acquisition of Campus Paavola in central Lahti

  • Price: EUR 85 million (total investment)
  • Area: ~30,000 m²
  • Seller: City of Lahti (FI)
  • Sole financial adviser to Hemsö (SE)

Sale and lease back of logistic property in Vantaa, HMA

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: 5,700 m²
  • Buyer: Aktiivitilat (FI)
  • Sole financial adviser to SKS Group (FI)

Acquisition of the KY Building in the Helsinki CBD

  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Area: ~7,000 m²
  • Seller: KY Foundation (FI)
  • Sole financial adviser to NCC (SE)

Acquisition of two logistics properties in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland

  • Area: 26,500 m²
  • Seller: Keva (FI)
  • Sole financial adviser to the buyer

Divestment of logistics property in Espoo, Finland

  • Area: 60,900 m²
  • Sole financial adviser to Genesta GNRE II (SE)

Divestment of Prisma Itäkeskus hypermarket in Helsinki, Finland

  • Area: 20,000 m²
  • Buyer: VVT Property Fund (Varma, The State Pension Fund of Finland VER and Tradeka)
  • Sole financial adviser to the seller

Divestment of logistics centre in Vantaa, Finland

  • Price: EUR 23 million
  • Area: 10,000 m²
  • Buyer: Sagax (SE)
  • Sole financial adviser to SRV (FI)